was born in lockdown out of a need to stem the boredom. We began with freshly made cocktail delivery in and around Manchester supplying its residents with the finest freshly made cocktails delivered within 60 minutes. Then lockdown ended...

Pubs began to open again people were socialising again. Then sales slowed, and we needed to pivot. So we decided to create our freshly made cocktails in larger volume with a 'no nonsense' feel.

Our first offering...

Our mixologists burned the midnight oil to perfect the recipe. We worked tirelessly on the packaging design until we came up with something that we thought suited what we had created... A finest quality pre-mixed ready to drink cocktail!

Simply add coca cola (or a different mixer if you prefer) and adjust to taste.

Where are we now

We now have 8 flavour pre mixed cocktails available in 120ml and 500ml pouches to choose from ; Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Sex On The Beach, Margarita, Espresso Martini, Pornstar Martini, Purple Rain and Blue Lagoon. All pre-mixed for you convience and only using the finest ingredients. They are also available in gift sets too! All come with glasses, mixer and accessoires to help you make the perfect cocktail. Check out the full range now!